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Find inspiration at every turn

The cabinets of your CUBIC furniture will be finished to perfectly match the existing environment. With a ceramic countertop, your CUBIC Outdoor kitchen becomes a real workspace. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our kitchens, therefore, with great care we select only high quality wood for use with our Lamella slatted features.

cubic-outdoor-kitchen-c1_72dpi (9).jpg

Colours and finishes

You can choose from our eight standard colours and three seasonal colours. For an additional charge you can choose almost any special colour.

Our kitchens and furniture pieces are made of our completely and consistently weatherproof CUBIC material. This extremely durable material allows us to create products that bring familiar comfort and design to the outdoors without compromise. Carcass furniture provides dry, clean, vermin-free storage year-round.

Some classic combinations

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