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Flammkraft gas grills

Project type

Built-in or freestanding gas grills





The ultimate gas grill - Flammkraft Block D has always stood for sustainable and irrefutable quality. In the same way, continual development is anchored in our genes. With our new Generation 5, the tried and tested has been expanded with various additional innovations. Block D is made entirely of marine grade stainless steel and uses material thicknesses that are second to none. Of course, “Made in Germany” and implemented with great attention to detail.

There is a powerful roasting zone as well as a large main grill area. Block D brings all variants of grilling, with direct and indirect heat, as well as low and slow with ease. 16.2 kW of peak power and perfect adjustment allows temperatures from 75°C (completely indirect) to 900°C (directly above the roasting burner).

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