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CUBIC Lounge
garden furniture

Our 70-year heritage started with hand-made garden furniture.

We continue this tradition today using only sustainably-sourced materials.

Just like you wanted a long-lasting outdoor kitchen, our modern garden furniture has been designed for longevity, too.

Lounge furniture can be made to any size.

Chairs, sofas  and tables to match your CUBIC kitchen. And of course Lounge utilises our waterproof (not just weatherproof) cushions and pillows.

Download the brochure here.


A size to suit your space


Of course, as it's made by hand our CUBIC Lounge furniture is available in different sizes.


Seating ranges from an armchair to two- and three-seaters to a large four-seat sofa. Lounge is always equipped with seat and back cushions.


The matching tables are available in four different sizes or even bespoke. The two smaller coffee tables will fit perfectly within a small seating area.

With the larger Lounge tables one can easily form cozy groups with family and friends.

You are welcome to complete your Lounge ensemble with our additional throw pillows and covers.

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