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CUBIC Kitchen
in a Cupboard

You probably want an outdoor kitchen that brings friends and family together around food and flames.

We do all that, and much, much, more. Working at the cutting edge of outdoor entertainment design, only CUBIC would bring you convenient, additional storage with the Kitchen In A Cupboard.

More than just storage units, these creations have revolutionised the way designers and landscapers have been thinking and working - it's the future.

Thanks to the innovative design, the items that are regularly used when cooking will be close by - all the spices, sauces and pans - as well as cutlery, kitchen utensils and dishes.

KIAC can be equipped with a sink, hot water, a dishwasher or refrigerator and of course will always exhibit the everlasting CUBIC qualities of manufacture and being absolutely weatherproof, 365 days a year.

LED lighting adds the finishing touch.

Download the brochure here.


CUBIC Bar in a Cupboard

End the evening outdoors with family and friends together with a BAR IN A CUPBOARD. You can mix your drinks without returning to the house. KIAB will safely store all your glassware outdoors 24/7, 365 days every year.

Drawers, shelves and a wine rack will hold all your drinks, utensils and beverages in your BAR IN A CUPBOARD. In addition, the doors provide enough space for all your glasses.

All CUBIC outdoor cabinets withstand any weather conditions. After an evening outdoors, the bar cabinet can be closed and the interior is protected from wind, garden debris, rain and sun.

Weatherproof 365 days, 24/7

LED lighting is standard.

Download the brochure here.


CUBIC garden storage

We make CUBIC Boxes, Cupboards and Sideboards to store all your garden items away from the garage.

All CUBIC outdoor cabinets will withstand any weather conditions and are fully ventilated, designed to eliminate condensation and are vermin-proof.

With a CUBIC BOX your outdoor seating furniture cushions will find a safe place all year round

Our CUBIC CUPBOARDS are true storage wonders. The flexible interior design allows the creation of storage space for a wide  variety of utensils. They will be individually adapted to your outdoor space and they can be used to store of all kinds of utensils and tools.

An individual interior design in a CUBIC SIDEBOARD will turn your storage needs into an organised miracle. A good mix of drawers and shelves allows flexible storage of all your garden items.


Your reseller will be happy to assist you to optimise your storage requirements.

Download the brochure here.

cubic outdoor cupboard
cubic outdoor sideboard
CUBIC outdoor stirage Box



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